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Women you'd hatch a conspiracy with

freifraufischer: M (the James Bond franchise)
emmy_roo: Charlotte (Charlotte's Web)
freifraufischer: Martha Kent (Smallville)
utah_yoda: Minerva McGonagall (Harry Potter)
chaila: Patty Hewes (Damages), Irina Derevko (Alias)

Awesome Women: Classic Trek's Dr. Ann Mulhall
trek - ann mulhall
Hi awesome_women!

There hasn't been enough awesome here lately, so I would like to randomly share with you right now my recently rediscovered love of Awesome Woman Dr. Ann Mulhall from the Classic Star Trek episode "Return to Tomorrow."

Dr. Ann Mulhall, Astrobiology. Learn her name, Kirk!

I'm a scientist. The opportunity is an extraordinary one.Collapse )

Reminder about Villians Theme
Fringe - Alt Olivia
Just wanted to remind folks that your favorite villians theme will be ending on Saturday. Come on, we want to hear about your favorite bad girls.

Favorite Villians: Helena Cain, Battlestar Galactica
BSG - Natalie Face
Remember folks, Favorite Villians theme ends at the end of September.

I love Helena Cain. She's a psychopath and an Evil Dead Lesbian and I still love her. I was predisposed to love her because Michelle Forbes played one of my favorite Star Trek characters, and because having watched the original series I know Cain was originally supposed to be George S. Patton in space. And Patton as a girl is just funny.

Admiral Helena Cain
Played by Michelle Forbes

On being an evil dead lesbianCollapse )

Favourite Villain: Katherine Pierce (The Vampire Diaries)
Wow, is there ANYTHING this woman hasn't thought of?

Spoilers up to Christmas of Season TwoCollapse )

The Redemption of Captain Sharon Raydor
BSG - Roslin For Your Own Good
So I watch a lot of crime proceedurals, but I've never been much of a fan of The Closer. There are many reasons, mostly having to do with my dislike of Kyra Segwick's character and what I percieved as behavior that wouldn't fly in a department as under the microscope as the LAPD.

But a few years ago a recurring guest star drew me back, at least for the episodes she was in, and ever since I have been watching some alternate universe version of The Closer where Mary McDonnell was the star. And now with Segwick leaving the show, and TNT's announcement that they'll be launching a spinoff, Major Crimes actually starring Mary McDonnell I figured I should post about her.

Captain Sharon Raydor
Played by Mary McDonnell

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Favorite Villians: H.G. Wells - Warehouse 13
Indiana Jones - I&#39;m a Historian
I was about to post about this character and my love for her when I realized I wanted to hear what everyone's favorite female villians were.

H.G. Wells - Warehouse 13
Jaime Murray

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New "Unofficial" Monthly Theme: Female Villians
BSG - Natalie Commander in Chief
As melyanna seems to have gotten distracted and this community has been quiet I thought I'd throw out an unofficial theme to run through the end of September.

Who is your favorite villian? Is she smart and strong? Is she right and the source material is wrong? Is she misguided? Is she wounded? Is she rightious? This could be the anything from the office bitch in a work place drama to the woman trying to take over the world... or destroy it.

Let's celebrate the (awesome) bad girls!

(no subject)
CJ and Big Bird
Just to remind you all, this month's theme, women you'd hatch a conspiracy with, ends Saturday! (Which means I need to stop procrastinating on my own post.)

Body of Proof: Let me suck you into our crime solving cult.
Indiana Jones - I&#39;m a Historian

I've been waiting to write this post for a few weeks. I wanted make sure the show was playing out in a way that I actually wanted to go fangirling about as well as making sure it was getting ratings that would mean it would survive the season. It is, and it has, so let me tell you about my new love: the women of Body of Proof

Dr. Megan Hunt (Dana Delaney)Collapse )

Dr. Kate Murphey (Jeri Ryan)Collapse )

Women I’d Hatch a Conspiracy With: Patty Hewes and Irina Derevko
I'm once again being lazy and indecisive and combining two choices in one post! But there's no way to choose! (It was hard enough to narrow it down to these two).

If I had any conspiracy in mind, from art theft to prison escape to world domination, the two women I would try to recruit to run it with me would be Patty Hewes from Damages and Irina Derevko from Alias. There would be little doubt of the plan's success. Patty and Irina > youCollapse )

A small dose of the non-fandom world.
I went to the Cleveland Indians game on Friday night, my first ballgame in about three years. I enjoy watching baseball live, even if I don't follow any one team the way I once did, and I didn't know any of the players' names until I got there.

This afternoon, when I was cleaning up the weekly hurricane zone of my bedroom, I found the program from the baseball game. I was just about to toss it out when I gave it a perfunctory perusal, and turned first thing to a really awesome article about Justine Siegal (link to NYT article), who this year pitched batting practice for the Indians, not only fulfilling a piece of her lifelong dreams, but for her home team as well.

I was tempted to type up the article verbatim, which is my favorite of all the write-ups I've found, but I'm not comfortable about the legality issues. Anyway, there's plenty to be found about Justine in recent news articles, if you want to read about her life and her profession so far.

The story makes me proud for awesome women and proud to be a Clevelander (well, close enough) ;-) I thought maybe you all would get a Sunday smile out of it too.

On an interesting footnote that spans worlds of sports, progress in equality, AND nerdiness, it was Jackie Robinson night on Friday, meaning all the players were wearing the number 42. Can we nerd out over the fact that the answer to life, the universe, and everything was the number worn by the man who broke such a critical barrier for equality? ;-)

Reparations for Crimes Past
SVU - Casey Your Honor WTF
So this is outside of the monthly theme. I just wanted to celebrate a television show taking a step back from storytelling crimes past.

The most criminal thing the Law and Order franchise has ever done to a female character was the departure of ADA Casey Novak from Special Victims Unit. For reasons beyond understanding she lied to a judge and was disbarred after a very public fight between the actress and the producer Neil Baer. One of the details was over her weight. This is where I'm going to post a picture from her last season as a regular that speaks for itself.

Holy mysogyny batman.

Anyway, her character was "disbarred" for an action that the male DA on the mothership series had done dozens of times, and the three seasons since she left have been filled by a rotating cast of tiny female actresses who didn't quite take hold or big named guest stars who were never going to stay around including Christine Lahti and Sharon Stone.

But this is near the end of Baer's last season with the show before leaving to work for CBS, and suddenly this week Casey Novak returned to the District Attorney's office on SVU (admittedly for one episode as a guest star). She wasn't disbarred, but censured and had her license to practice law suspended for three years. The episode was in part about her need to rebuild her life and was actually my favorite from that show in years.

The actress has said publically that it was only one episode but there have been unofficial inquiries about next year.

Woman I'd Hatch a Conspiracy With: Minerva McGonagall
learning is delighful
This is the woman I would most like to hatch a conspiracy with:

Let me show you whyCollapse )

Woman I'd Hatch a Conspiracy With... Martha Kent
V - Erica Blame Instinct and Training
So this theme was taylor made for the kind of fiction I like to read and watch, so I expect to make several posts over the course of the month. Today I would like to introduce you to another woman I'd totally hatch a conspiracy with...

Senator Martha Kent (Annette O'Toole)

She's not your parent's Ma Kent...Collapse )

Theme #3: Conspirators
Kate (international crisis)
Well, we've already had one entry in this month's theme, but I'll go ahead and say a few words about it anyway. This month, we're talking about women you'd hatch a conspiracy with. runawaynun's original idea was an international conpiracy, but for the purposes of the theme we'll cast a wider net. Your conspiracy of choice could be to defeat a time-traveling alien race, take over the galaxy, steal ancient artifacts, get out of jail, or just pull the best April Fool's prank ever. This will run through the end of April. :)

There's a tag for this theme now – please be sure to use it and relevant tags for the fandom. I'll add new ones as we need them, but we do have a bunch already.

Woman I'd Hatch a Conspiracy With... M
Political - How I Miss the Cold War
Well there is obviously only one truely obvious answer to this theme. Unquestionably the woman I'd want with me in on a conspiracy is ...

M (Played by Judi Dench)
James Bond Movie Series

Christ, how I miss the cold war...Collapse )

Theme #3 coming soon!
Hey, everyone – just to let you know, I'm planning to open up a new theme on April 1 (this Friday). The theme will be one suggested by runawaynun: women you'd hatch a conspiracy with.

More information will be coming on Friday, but really, nearly anything goes, so feel free to start thinking about posts, if you like.

Who got the worst deal?
toph katara
As grav_ity said yesterday, I had some trouble coming up with underappreciated women because my little bubble of fandom does tend to appreciate women. So it can be hard to remember that fandoms as a whole sometimes don't.

One thing, though, I bet we can all talk easily about is Who Got The Worst Deal, aka "which female character got the most screwed over by her own canon/writers/producers?" I don't necessarily mean fridging, or even tragedy since bad things can be the fuel of good drama, but plot twists or character choices that were out of character, or showed the writers totally weren't even paying attention, or didn't care, or deliberate dumbing down of the character, and so on.

I'm gonna keep with my theme and say T'Pol from "Star Trek: Enterprise" is near the top of my list. For starters, the catsuit and heels. No race anywhere in the galaxy can think that outfit was practical. *sigh* But really it's the "Crack Whore T'Pol" storyline that grates my cheese the most.

There was a perfectly logical (if you'll forgive the expression) reason for her to start experimenting with the Trellium in Season 3. The ship needed it for protection from the area of space they were in. If she could build up a tolerance, it would possibly save lives. It was illogical for Archer to refuse to use it just to spare her. But Archer and Phlox would never have agreed to the experiments, so she started in secret, and then lost control of things.

I came up with that idea in about 4 minutes at the time. And frankly, I think it's miles better than the "she got addicted to the emotional release because she's a crack whore!" reason they actually gave on the show. Duty and loyalty=honorable motives. The needs of the many outweighing the needs of the few. Etcetera. But nooooooooooooo, we had to get the "she's a stupid emo girl" reason.

*ahem* As you can tell, I am still angry about this. And I can think of numerous other examples.

So, have at it. Who else got the fuzzy end of the lollipop?

Under Appreciated Women
I've been thinking a lot about this theme. And for the life of me, I can't come up with anyone besides Martha Jones and pretty much everyone from Stargate Atlantis. Martha's already been very well covered by sache8, and I've reached a point with the SGA characters where I just can't rant about it anymore. We all know.

So why can't I think of anyone else?

Maybe it's because I've got Sanctuary on the brain, and whatever shortcomings the show and the fandom have, not paying attention to the female characters is not one of them. Even Ashley Magnus, who was delightfully unfaceted because the writers couldn't figure out what they wanted to do with her, endures as this wonderfully capable semi-super woman who always has a smart ass remark and a large gun (and a brain!).

But I think what it really is, is that you guys have shaped (warped...whatever), my view of the shows I watch so that I do notice the awesome female characters going around in the background...and then I seek out other people who celebrate them. Most of my lj friends are people who, when Kate Freelander walks in in a snowsuit after having been left out of the mission of the week because she was doing her own retrieval BY HERSELF, write the fic about her kicking ass up and down the Himalayas.

Stargate Atlantis really set us up for this. I have no idea who Dr. Parrish is, but his two episode stint on the show earned him a solid slash fanbase (and now I only know who he is because of Sanctuary, which I only started watching because of Amanda Tapping). We, on the other hand, have Laura Cadman, who was not even physically present for most of "Duet" and still manages to feature heavily in nearly every we write. SGA didn't give us what we wanted, so we made it, and we've continued to make it for every show since.

So I've spent a couple weeks now going through the list of shows I watch, trying to figure out who I was going to pick. And every time I came up with someone, all I could think was " friends all love her!"

I know we're not a particularly representative sample, but you're all my sample. And that's why I don't really have an answer for this theme.

Underappreciated Women: Charissa Sosa
SVU - Casey Your Honor WTF
Given that this theme ends in about twenty four hours I thought I'd toss out another post since we haven't had a lot of people digging the underappreciated women...

It wasn't that I was avoiding watching this movie, I've been carrying it around for about a month and a half in my computer bag. I think one of the reasons I never got around it it was fear of what this character's role might be. She was was all over the publicity stills but she clearly wasn't part of the team and I knew from my childhood that the people who chased the A-Team were always incompetent idiots.

I was right about one thing. She wasn't on the team. But she was neither an idiot nor incompetent. She was a plucky detective!

Charissa Sosa
Jessica Biel - The A-Team Movie

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